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Mirage Anti-bot: Detect, Remove & Block Malware Like ZeuS & SpyEye

Do you think installing a popular antivirus program will protect you from all evil eyeing your valuable data? Ever wondered why your high speed internet doesn’t provide you with the promised speed? Let it be known that malware like ZeuS, SpyEye, Palevo, TDL3 and the like have made themselves known to penetrate through your system security layers, stealing your credentials, may it be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., or bank accounts or email access details. These malware belong to the family of botnets, and Mirage Anti-bot protects you against them, effectively. With this powerful tool, you can add an extra layer of protection to your system with a negligible effect on performance and enable foolproof security for your PC.

By sealing the security cracks in your computer security, Mirage Anti-bot ensures a safe and secure online experience. The botnet malware are famous for bogging down your internet speed, while secretly stealing your important access details for various sites under your frequent use. This simple application updates with some of the most credible anti-malware websites to maintain an effective block list. Please note that Mirage Anti-bot does not contain malware as speculated by some.

Mirage Anti-Bot 2.0

This powerful tool ensures its presence by staying visible on the system tray. Upon clicking this icon, a simple GUI interface comes to view that provides you with the ability to either manually update the software through the Refresh database option on the top left corner of the window or automatically update the application using the Update database automatically option. The last update time is displayed in detail on the status bar for your awareness. You can further ensure built-in protection through automatic launch on startup through the General settings option. A detailed overview of the functionality and capabilities of this application can be benefitted through the help button on the top left corner of the active window.

Mirage antibot Network settings

A distinguishing feature of this application is the support for proxy authentication by utilizing a unique username and password. You have the option to connect through a proxy using the Network settings window. If you do not properly specify the proxy settings, the utility auto-detects this and alerts with an error window, prompting you to re-enter the proxy settings or uncheck the relevant option.

Mirage Anti-bot Network error

Mirage Anti-bot works in full understanding with your existing anti-virus application. It runs smoothly and quietly in the background without budging you with any notification. We tested the application on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Mirage Anti-bot


  1. With all the toolbars it tries to install, it makes one suspicious. I can’t uninstall it now!!!!!

  2. The poor grammar and misspelled words wouldn’t worry me… “Connect throught a proxy” “Please fill the settings”

    • We often cover apps from non-native English developers. The app’s utility isn’t diminished in any way by the language used in its interface. Maybe its user-friendliness (for some), but not its utility.

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