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Mirekusoft Install Monitor Is A Powerful Registry-Level Application Uninstaller

I personally use Geek Uninstaller to remove installed applications from my PC, the reason being the application’s robust scanning and uninstallation engine that cautiously looks for any remnants of uninstalled software and helps you in removing all the bits and pieces, including registry traces and other miscellaneous residual junk. Windows’ integrated uninstaller feels quite primitive when it comes to features like these. While Geek Uninstaller is undoubtedly darn good, Mirekusoft Install Monitor also take cares of the job quite efficiently. It provides features akin to Geek Uninstaller and goes even beyond that (in certain cases its succeeds, while in others it doesn’t surpass the former). The application, along with removing bloatware off of your machine, also successfully erases various registry files. Should you need to only remove or inspect registry entries, you can do that too with its ability to monitor various resources of the installed applications. It watches files and folders created by the applications without intercepting your workflow. Although tinkering around with registry files is something I’d advice to skip altogether, power users will be delighted by this advanced option one way or the other. Lets find out how it fares against Geek Uninstaller.

The interface of Install Monitor looks clean, with three tabs placed along the bottom left edge of the window, namely Programs, Contents and Startup. The selected program’s information is displayed to the right, containing its icon, name, version, (installation) date, size etc. A software’s uninstallation operation can be executed from within Programs tab – either select it from the list or drop down menu at the top – and click Uninstall. You also sometimes get options for Repair and Change, depending on the choices at disposal in a program’s setup menu. You can right-click an application and select additional options from its context menu. For instance, you may copy its name, run an online search (Google) or peek at various registry keys pertaining to the application in Registry Editor.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor

Contents tab shows Registry archive of the selected software. This is more of an advanced option, which shouldn’t be fiddled around with, especially for amateur users. Contents provides the expanded registry tree of the related registry values of an application, which you can delete, open in registry editor to modify or copy to another location. Startup tab displays a list of commands that are executed by an application automatically, which includes registry keys and shortcuts. However, during testing, none of the installed applications showed any signs of such registry keys and the list remained empty.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor_Contents

Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a great uninstaller utility, but I wouldn’t label it any better than the aforementioned Geek Uninstaller – which is more effective in thorough scanning and uninstallation process. However, Install Monitor is still a way better alternative to native uninstaller. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Installer packages for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are available.

Download Mirekusoft Install Monitor


  1. Install Monitor concept is far superior (and then efficient) than other uninstallers: it installs a monitoring service that keeps track of what an installer will do, so it’s not a registry-scanner-kind uninstaller. It reports and monitors the actual modifications to the registry and files written on your HD in the installation process! It’s not list/scan/assumptions-based but removes EXACTLY the files and registry keys added to your system.
    Excellent software.
    (No probs for me with Win7 64bit and

  2. Unfortunately while Install Monitor seems to be prospective, the support is not. There are issues with 64bit versions but no support at all.

    • Hi Range. What type of issues did you experience with the 64bit version? Would like to help.

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