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Miro 4 Adds iTunes Like Syncing And Media Manager For Android Devices

Do you hate not having any iTunes like media manager for your Android device? You will probably find a dozen media managers claiming to sync your Android based phone or tablet but none stands as close to iTunes as Miro 4. The next version of Miro (version 4) is a freshly developed open source desktop media manager with features to browse, play, manage, and download media files and podcasts. The biggest feature being that now it can sync with a range of Android phones. What makes it stand out from rest of Android media managers is that it offers iTunes like user interface to not only manage your media files and podcasts but also to sync iTunes library and other defined media folders in somewhat similar fashion. In a nutshell, Miro 4 for Android devices is what iTunes is for iOS devices.

For seamless synchronization, it is backed by a slew of audio and video encoders to convert all non-supported media files before it starts synchronization process. You can either choose to define encoders or let it intuitively use them to convert media files for your Android phone. Playlist management is another noteworthy feature, enabling both iOS and Android users to switch between playlists, import and export items back & forth, and sync items with all connected devices.

Miro, which was previously an application to find, access, and download online media, has now turned into complete media manager for locally saved music, video, and podcasts as well as for Android and iOS based devices. With Bonjour installed, you can enjoy direct streaming and sharing of your media library with other connected systems on network.

Running it for the first time requires you to specify the model of your Android phone to prevent any screen resolution conflicts. Once selected, it will automatically start finding music and movies saved on your Phone. You can connect multiple devices at a time and swap data, if required. The Connect window lets you sync your Android phone with pre-selected media playlists and podcasts.

sync 2

You can convert videos on the fly for your device, without having to configure Audio and Video parameters. The media files saved on your connected Android device can be instantly copied to Miro playlist, by selecting  Copy to Miro option.

If you’re dealing with a huge media collection, sort headers are available at the top to let you find required media files without any hassle.

convert video

Both Amazon and Android Market are integrated within Miro. You can purchase apps, download them to your devices, keep tab on latest app versions and do much more. The customizable list of media sources allows streaming and downloading videos on the fly. Once downloaded, you can sync them with connected devices without using any third-party converter.

andriod market

Podcasts management is one great little addition to Miro. Now you can easily download them and sync them with your devices. The configurable list allows adding your favorite podcasts feeds. The Auto-download option lets you automatically download latest podcasts from selected audio feeds.

podcast 2

Miro 4 has certainly got a lot more. You can review complete feature list on the product page. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS platforms.

Download Miro 4

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  1. When it comes to Media Management matter users always complained and compared it with the quality service provided by itunes, am glad too to that this problem is finally over and users that belong to android devices can enjoy it same like iphone users. You explained whole features to nicely.

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