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How to mirror and record a phone on Windows 10

Screen mirroring between different devices is often complicated. The complications come mostly from establishing a reliable connection between the devices. Software is what gets the job done but again, it comes down to two things; how easy it is to set up, and how reliable the connection will be. Additionally, you might also want something that works for both Android phones and iPhones. LetsView is an app that fits the bill nicely. It’s really easy to set up. Your Windows 10 PC and your phone(s) need to be on the same WiFi network. The connection will be wireless.

Need to mirror an iPhone on macOS? Use QuickTime.

Mirror and record a phone

Download and install LetsView. When you run the app, it walks you through the setup process. Pick the type of phone you want to mirror and record.

For both iPhones and Android phones, the app gives you an option to wirelessly connect via your device’s own features, or you can download the LetsView companion app to your phone and use it. Since we’re focusing on simplicity, we’re going to do this without the companion app.

On your phone, you will have to connect to the app. iPhones use AirPlay, and Android phones use the built-in wireless display feature.

The app has a fairly simple interface. The record button is at the top and you can start recording whenever you want. There’s also an option to draw on the screen though it goes away when you start recording. If you click the three-dashed icon, you will see options to go to full screen, pin the window to the top, and take a screenshot.

The recording is free of any watermarks. The annotation feature is a bit basic; you don’t have a lot of colors to choose from and the weight of the drawing tool can’t be changed. Anything that you draw can only be saved if you screenshot it.

As for the streaming resolution, LetsView supports 4K resolution but your phone should support it too. Screenshots are saved in PNG format, and recordings are saved in MP4 format. If you have a device that supports Miracast, it too can stream to your Windows 10 PC with LetsView. Overall, LetsView is a very capable app. It’s surprising that it’s free. The product page doesn’t list any restriction of any sort which means no watermarks and unlimited streaming and recording.

Since the app can connect and stream wirelessly over a WiFi network, you can stream your phone’s screen from any room to your PC. You can even stream your camera feed to your desktop.

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