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Z-DBackup: Modular File Backup Solution With Advance Directory Sync Options

Looking for a data backup utility that can do a lot more than just copying all the files or just newly created files from source to target locations? An application that supports numerous types of target mediums, while allowing you to create and configure file backup schemes, design synchronization jobs, set automated backup tasks, perform post-backup operations, burn files to optical discs, and compress backed up data? Z-DBackup is a modular backup system that offers a comprehensive set of features that may help you customize backup jobs as per your data backup and synchronization needs. Although it comes packed with an exhaustive list of backup features and tools, it doesn’t make it difficult for users to select the required tools that they want to use while backing up their files. Some of the noteworthy tools included in the application are backup data at network location, burn CD/DVD with backed up data, auto-shutdown after specified job finishes, create ZIP archive containers, virus self test,  run pre and post backup operations, and backup active and locked files. Read past the jump for details.

The main interface acts as a user’s dashboard, where all backup jobs are listed. It creates a total of 20 sample backup jobs to let you easily customize and configure backup tasks. To get started, double-click the first backup job and edit the default backup settings. First, give backup job an appropriate name and then specify the target location type (hard drive, FTP, removable drive, network location etc). Here, you can also choose to create 1:1 copy of source files or select Create backup archive option to backup files to a single ZIP container.

z-backup 1

The next step asks you to specify the complete path of source files, which you want to backup. Here, you can create file whitelist and blacklist to forcibly include and exclude file types from backup operation. It also lets you select multiple source folders, and apply different file exclusion constraints on selected directories.

source folder

The Whitelist offers a huge array of pre-defined file filters, whereas the Blacklist allows selecting temp file types from the list in order to copy only required types of files to target location.


Under Target tab, you will find options to specify destination folder, change settings for target folder and sub-directory hierarchies, (like, include date and time into target folder / subfolders’ titles), password protect target location, set auto-delete old backups option, and link current backup task with other backup sets.


The Settings window allows specifying backup type (normal backup, incremental / differential backup, schedule backup job etc). If you enable Synchronization mode, it will keep your source files synced with target location. You can enable Max. performance option to write data to target folder with maximum speed. Furthermore, it enables you to include file and directory permissions in the backup, and backup active/open files.


The DVD/Tape tab lets you configure additional tools that you may want to use while backing up data. You can, for instance, enable backup to DVD option to write the data to DVD after performing the backup operation. It shows all the installed add-ons required to perform the additional backup tasks. You can click supported add-ons to download and configure them from within this tab.

dvd burn

From FTP/SSH tab, you can configure moving backups to your FTP server. All you need is to enter the details of FTP server for establishing direction connection with your FTP storage in order to move backed up data. It must be noted that this feature is recommend for only small backups, as it may take quite some time to move large files to FTP server.


The Actions tab enables you to specify the pre and post backup operation. Just click New to specify the time of taking action (before the start, after the data copy, before/after each full backup), and then specify the file, application or script that you want to run. Once done, add the action to Actions list.

Once all backup settings are configured, click OK to add the backup to the main window, from where you can start the backup job. However, if you don’t want to launch the application every time backup operation is to be performed, click Shortcut button to create backup task shortcut at desktop to instantly run the backup task.


When you want to start the backup task, select it from main window and hit Backup in toolbar. It will start backing up the data according to defined conditions and rules. If you want to run the backup simulator to check which files will be backed up, hit Preview to perform a test run.

start backup

After the backup task finishes, it displays detailed log to inspect the errors and issues it encountered during the operation. You can access logged info anytime from main interface by clicking Log File button.

Apart from synchronizing and backing up data to target location, it also supports restoring data from target location to user specified or source location. Clicking the Restore button enables you to select files to restore or restore complete back up to source location. The restore data settings includes use old file and folder paths, overwrite files, use sync mode & filter settings, and write file names to log file.

restore files

The application is free for client versions of Windows, and is capable of creating only 20 backup sets. However, the professional version (costs $ 42.33) comes without any OS-specific restrictions, and includes some advanced data backup and sync features, including UNC path support, 256-bit AES encryption, send backup files as email attachments, registry backup, email notifications, automatic backup check, multi-spanning backups on tape drives and more. You can check out complete feature comparison on product page.

Z-DBackup is massive data backup / restore and synchronization application that supports numerous add-ons to create data backups at multiple locations. If you don’t want to configure all the backup features it has to offer, change the Expert user skill to User from Program Settings (accessible from main interface) to remove advance backup options from backup job configuration wizard. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 64-bit edition.

Download Z-DBackup


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