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Yale: Monitor Bandwidth Usage Of All Active Network Adapters & Connections

Albeit we have broadband internet connections now, various ISPs cap monthly data volume. It can be quite frustrating sometimes, because you can easily go pass your data plan, especially when the internet content is so rich now. Similarly, sometimes we want to check whether we are getting an optimum internet speed that we are paying for. Yesterday, we covered EmproNetUsgAlert, an application for Windows that is designed to monitor bandwidth usage and alert users when a specified limit is reached. It only shows you an overview of the total upload and download bandwidth usage. Personally, I use NetSpeedMonitor, a network monitoring application that displays the current upload and download rate and maintains a record of the total data transferred during a day, month and year. Both aforementioned tools display the bandwidth usage of only one selected network adapter. If you are using multiple network interfaces or have configured virtual network connections for guest operating systems, then you may need an advance network usage analyzer, such as Yale. It’s an application for Windows that allows you to view the bandwidth usage of all network interfaces and connections. It also shows you the CPU usage as well as, the hard disk transfer rate. Continue reading.

Most of the applications that keep track of internet bandwidth usually display a system tray icon or other notifications, to always keep an eye on it. After installation, Yale doesn’t act any differently and displays Disk, CPU and Network usage analyzer window over system notification area. You can view current CPU usage, Disk transfer rate and all the activated network adapters along with their upload and download rate.


Clicking network adapter displays extended information about the data usage for each active network connection. When you expand a network adapter section, it further categorizes network usage information into protocol-based groups including IGMP, DNS, Shared Netowork Folder, HTTPS, HTTP, UPnP, ICMP, TCP, UDP etc. The upload speed is shown in red color, while download speed is highlighted in blue color.


In order to hide a network usage information element, just double-click it. All the hidden information can be managed from configuration console., which can be accessed from system tray menu. When you want to reveal any hidden element, click Remove and it will show up in Network Usage information box.

Yale [1.07]

Yale is perfect utility to simultaneously monitor internet traffic from multiple adapters . The applications works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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