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Monitor And Sync Any Music Folder With iTunes

In February, we reviewed an app called iExporter that could export iTunes playlist instantly.  The developer notified me a few days back about his new software called iWatchSyncer. It let’s you sync any music folder with iTunes.

Suppose you have added music to your iTunes and later added more songs in your folder, what will you do now? The only way would be to manually add these new songs to your iTunes playlist. iWatchSyncer solves this problem. It monitors your folder for any change, when you add a new song to the folder, it will automatically add it to your iTunes playlist. It can also monitor sub-folders inside the main folder.

iwatchsyncer main

I tested it on Windows Vista and it worked flawless. The only downside is that it takes around 26Mb of system memory when sitting idle, which is quite a lot for this type of app. It works on Windows XP and Vista. Enjoy!

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  1. Woow, again Nakodari thanks for the nice review!
    And yes it’s true the memory usage is actually an issue… something that I need to address in the future.

    By the way, iExplorer now has m3u support. It will create a m3u file in the root export folder of each selected playlist or artist.

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