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Monitor And Take Action Based On Application Behavior [Windows]

We all want to perform actions based on application behavior, lets say you want to get alerted or want a program to close whenever an application exceeds a certain memory usage or CPU time. Kiwi is an awesome application monitoring tool which can perform such actions on both applications and processes.

Kiwi Application Monitor

The application comes in both free and paid versions, the free version has the basic functionality that will appeal most users. You can get alerted when an application starts, ends, exceeds a specified amount of memory usage, or has been running for a specified amount of time.

You can also take actions, such as, close an application after it exceeds a specified amount of memory usage, CPU time, or when it has been running for a specified amount of time. You can also choose to turn off the computer when the application ends. The other two useful options are to execute a program when a certain application starts or ends.

Add application to process or monitor

There is a build-in option for process explorer, to select a process which users want to monitor. You can also view different statistics which gives a better overview of the behavior.

Kiwi Application Statistics

The paid versions of the apps include a bunch of features which can be accessed from the Advanced Rules tab. A total of 84 monitors and actions options can be unlocked by upgrading to paid version but for most users the Basic rules would be enough. Users with Logitech G15 or G19 keyboards and Z10 speakers are lucky since the app can display the data on their LCDs.

Download Kiwi

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

For more, also check out Application Monitor, a tool to monitor and restart all crashed applications.

[via Cybernet News]

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