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Monitor Folders And Access Most Used Files & Folders With FileRally

Tired of monitoring most frequently used files and folders manually and need an application which, unlike other file monitoring utilities, can give direct access to your last accessed and modified files and folders? FileRally is a tiny yet efficient file and folder monitoring application which collects all information of recently accessed files and folders present in user-selected folders. You can add as many folders as you want which are to be monitored. Once you’ve specified folders, it starts observing all the actions you or system performs over them and then collect usage count of each accessed file and folder. FileRally not only allows user to just access the previously used files / folders, it also displays the modified time stamps, usage count, and source location of files and folders.

filerally main

First off, on the main interface, click Settings to add folders to monitor. In Settings window, switch to Folders tab and right-click to select Add Folder option. After you’ve specified folders which are to be monitored, head over to Files tab and enter the number of both recently and frequently used files you want to track.

add folder 2

By default, it doesn’t show details of files and folders being monitored. However, from right-click menu, you can switch to details, icons, and compact view mode. To reset or change the file/folder usage count, select Set use count option.

file monitoring

Since FileRally is in initial alpha testing phase, you may have to click Refresh button to list most recently accessed files and folders. Hopefully, developer will resolve this and other related issues in next versions. It works on all versions of Windows, provided you have latest version of JRE (Java Runtime Environment ) installed already.

Download FileRally

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