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Monitor Hard Disk With DiskLight.NET

In order to achieve better performance, it is very important that you should keep an eye on the performance of your hard disk. DiskLight.NET is a small user friendly tool which tells you how busy your hard drive is by mimicking the activity of your hard drive LED light. It is a very light-weight tool and does not consume much resources(less than 1 MB of memory). It just stays in the system tray and regularly updates the status information of your hard drive.


We often look at the hard disk LED light to tell if the hard disk is busy or not, but what if your PC or Laptop is out of sight? In this way it is difficult to tell if the hard disk is busy of not. If the hard disk is under high usage, the icon in the system tray will turn red otherwise it will remain grey. Apart from mimicking the hard disk LED light, it also displays disk usage in percentage and some other important parameters like Read Bytes, Write Bytes, and Disk Queue.

Since it is still under development, it currently shows the overall disk usage of C drive which is usually the operating system drive. According to the developer, the future releases will have the ability to monitor multiple drives and report which process is actually causing a problem.

Download DiskLight.NET

It has been only tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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