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Monitor Hard Drives, RAM, CPU Usage In System Tray With DriveGLEAM

DriveGLEAM is a portable application to monitor hard disk(s), physical memory, virtual memory, and CPU activity. Primarily it is out to facilitate users who access system on remote locations where the systems are not tangibly available, so they can keep an eye on all the local drives read/write activities. Another usage scenario is that when the computer is hidden under the table and you can’t see the hard drive activity indicator. In such situations, DriveGLEAM offers an system tray indicator to let you monitor each local drive activity along with RAM and CPU usage.

The application will also come useful when you are using multiple external hard drives with your system, it can assign a separate indicator for each hard disk connected with the system. On launching the application, it will automatically populate the list with all the drives (internal & external), CPU cores, while offering options to monitor RAM usage, NIC (Network Identification Cards) units, and Virtual memory usage. Just enable the Drive(s), Ram unit, NIC options from the list and click Apply to monitor specified elements’ activities in system tray.


Under Unit Options, there are two options – Show in tray, which enables you to toggle system tray indicator on/off, and the Output to parallel port option refers to selecting number of data lines on the parallel port to be set high on Read/Write operations.  Under Global options, you can manipulate the pause time between refresh rate and indicators interval.  You can also let it start with Windows logon and delay the indicators to set them in system tray adjacently.

Application was tested on Windows 7 x86 system while it supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download DriveGLEAM


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