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Monitor Health Of Your MySQL Servers And Visualize Trends via Real Time Charts

Mysql Monitor Tool is an opensource java application developed to monitor health of your multiple MySQL server instances. It comes with simple interface and multi-threaded mechanism to check the running instances on different scales. Using this application, you can chart all the running instances of MySQL to keep them under your surveillance, view and record process list of all servers, customize graph plotting, and record chart data.

For the first time usage, open config folder (residing in installed directory) and edit servers.xml and chart.xml to insert username and password of each MySQL server.


After you’ve specified the username and password, execute the runnable jar file. Choose the instance(s) you want to run and check the connection status before proceeding forward.


The ProcessList displays all the processes of servers being monitored. From the right-click  menu, you can kill the query, kill the user and export processlist. From Charts, you can view customizable charts in real-time which are displayed per instance.

process list12

Click Server Vars to compare server status and variables.

server vars

From Recording tab, you can record the charts data and process lists. You can also choose specific data from the running instance(s) to plot a customized graph.

choose data plot1

A useful application for monitoring multiple MySQL servers and charting all the running instances under one window. It runs on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x86.

Download Mysql Monitor Tool

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