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Monitor & Manage Windows Startup Entries With Startup Master

The amount of time your computer takes to start up and become responsive is directly proportional to the number of applications added in your startup. It means the more the applications you have set to run amidst Windows Logon, the longer it would take for Windows to go fully operational after a cold reboot. If there are a lot of applications in your startup, Windows tries to load each program as soon as the OS starts, which in turn sometimes, makes your system unresponsive, if proper CPU resources aren’t met. One of the ways to improve Windows load time is increase the delay in application startup time using My Startup Delayer. The application allows you to specify the number of seconds between each individual application before Windows initiates it during startup. Although, the application is very handy and simple, if you want a more comprehensive software solution to manage your Windows Startup entries, then give Startup Master a try. It is an open source application that lets you optimize the startup and take control of the applications that run automatically on system boot.

Other than allowing you to add, delete and disable applications from the startup menu, Startup Master lets you check the truthfulness of Windows Startup items through Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, and specify initial delay before starting to launch startup items and wait time between launching other items.

The main interface looks neat and simple, and has Add, Disable, Delete, Delay, Run, Edit, Search and View buttons available at the top, while the list of startup items is available below it. The list tells about program Name, Target (location), Category, Status, Type, Exists and Trusted. Selecting an item provides further details at the bottom of the application window.

Startup Master

The Settings menu (accessible from the top right) lets you choose the default internet search engine and specify initial and waiting time for launching applications.

Startup Master Settings

You can edit each entry and change its Name, Target and Category. The category list includes Startup Folder: Current User, Startup  Folder: All Users, Registry: Current User [Run], Registry: All Users [RunOnce] etc.

Program Manager_2012-02-13_16-23-42

Startup Master is nifty tool that can boost startup time by configuring various startup settings. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Startup Master

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