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Monitor Multiple Log Sources For Output & Events With Logview4net

Logview4net is an open source log analyzing application that can monitor multiple different sources for output or events. It serves as a simple log monitor for text based log files, and also for more advanced features such as monitoring incoming UDP/TCP traffic, Event Log entries, STD Out/STD Err, RSS feeds, as well as MS SQL and MySQL database tables. In addition to viewing log files, the program can also perform certain actions when defined keyword is identified, including highlighting, ignoring (text) and playing a sound.

To get started, launch the application from the portable EXE file, and select a listener to add, e.g., Event Log Listener, File Listener, Folder Listener, My SQL Listener, RSS Listener, SQL Listener, STD Out Listener, TCP Listener or UDP Listener.


Once done, you can initiate a session by clicking New Session option. You may configure multiple log viewers and save them as a profile for a single session, so that you can reload it later. You can also include customizable log colors. The top toolbar provides options to clear the log window, word-wrap, pause logging, open actions, settings and sessions.


Logview4net works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Logview4net

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