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Monitor Or Track Your Computer Activity With Super WinSpy

All computers are trackable but monitoring them requires expensive and clunky software. If you are looking to find history of a user activity on your computer but don’t want the hassle of having to search them manually in all places, you will find Super Winspy to be a nice little tool that gets the job done. It is a computer activity monitoring utility that is both powerful and free. It has some basic features that lets you monitor your computer’s basic activity such as URL history, Address Bar, Recent Documents, Search History, and more.

Simply run it and it will show you the past computer activity in a simple to use window. You will find the following options in the user interface; URLs History, Address Bar, Cookies, Recent Documents, Search History, Run History, Open/Save, and Index.dat.

super winspy

Click on the tabs on top to view 8 different type of histories, it’s that easy. Do keep in mind that it only lists histories that are saved in Windows, by default. Super Winspy does not come with an engine of its own that can track the history of the computer in real-time, rather it searches for and looks at the history already saved in Windows. What this means for a layman user is that if “Recent Documents” history is disabled by default on your computer, then the app will be of no help at all.

It does not come with an option to remove the history as well, the only functionality of the app is to list all histories it can find in a easy to read and simple to use user interface having three columns. You will find the name of website, cookie, document, search query or run history listed in one column, the URL, file destination, etc written in the second column, and date/time you last visited or opened mentioned in the last column. The software is compatible in all versions of Windows.

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