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Monitor & Receive Email Notifications Of Internet Activity With Gold Monitor

The internet is full of distractions that make you lose focus while working. A lot of websites exist just for the sole purpose of wasting your time when you have nothing else to do. It is important to keep a check on yourself when you are working, since there is a lot of chance that you will lose focus for a minute and end up wasting hours on such websites. Today, we have an application that allows you to monitor internet usage and browsing patterns to find out where is all that time wasted. Gold Monitor is an internet monitoring application that lets you monitor the web browser activity, allowing you to receive daily, weekly and monthly reports of browser activity. You can get reports according to Top 10 most visited websites, All visited websites, Websites visited today etc. Parents can use this application to monitor internet activity of their kids, companies can use it for monitoring employee activity, and individuals can use it for checking time-wasting websites to increase their productivity.

During installation, in the Select Components dialog box, select Internet Monitor from the list and click Next to install only the free internet monitor.

Setup - AxiomCoders Gold Limiter

Upon first install, you will be required to register an administrator account. Enter password, select a secret question, a secret answer and click Register.


The application will automatically take you to a setup wizard to configure it for use. The When to Monitor panel lets you decide the instances to monitor internet activity. You can choose from Common working hours, Whole day or set custom hours and days.

Set Options

When to Report tab includes settings about when to receive reports of internet usage. You can receive Daily, Weakly and Monthly reports on a user-specified time. It also lets you configure the email address to receive internet usage reports.

Set Options Report

The Additional settings tab lets you enter your Computer Name, Billing hour rate and Currency. Click Finish when all settings are done.

Set Options Billing

The main interface has options to view reports according to Top 10 most visited websites, All visited websites, Websites visited today, Websites visited last week and Websites visited last month.

Gold Monitor

Click on any one of the categories to generate a report based on that criteria. You can select all websites visited in that time frame or select a specific time interval to monitor internet usage.

Gold Monitor Reports

Gold Monitor works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Gold Monitor

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  • Shane Gowland

    I seriously hope that the developer makes up for in programing ability, what he lacks in spelling ability. Aside from that; quite a useful (albeit potentially invasive) app.

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