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Monitor System Events In Real Time With Event Reader

For users who are keen on system security, or for network administrators, event logs are of critical importance. They allow them to keep a tab on system events, see the responsible user and monitor what goes on. However, real-time monitoring is a bliss that is often not present, and especially with Windows platform, this is something sourly missed.

Event Reader is a tool that allows you to see event notifications as they are written to Windows event log, in the form of popup balloons in the notification area. This tool was primarily developed for Windows XP but works on later versions of Windows as well.


This utility will allow you to see, for example, from where your machine is being accessed and by whom, right when its happening. It can also monitor application events, system events, hardware events,etc, and integrates with Windows Event Viewer by default. You may choose to monitor a particular class of events, or all of them. Event types are filtered by Information, Warning, Error, SuccessAudit, and FailureAudit.

Below is a developer snapshot of the program in action, taken on Windows XP operating system.


The tool works on Windows 7 32-bit, as we tested it on this OS. According to the developer, it will not work on systems running Windows 2000 or lower.

Download Event Reader

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