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Monitor & Tweak Key System Resources And Receive Alerts When Needed

Although the Resource Monitor in Windows tries its best to provide real-time system information both in listed as well as graphical forms with emphasis on CPU, Disk, Network and Memory performance variables, it lacks user-friendliness, especially for the novice users. Moreover, there is little room for user customizations, tweaking and system tray monitoring alerts. AbpMon is an all-in-one system monitoring solution that allows you to keep track of performance variables. By setting thresholds, you can easily set alerts and specify the actions to perform if any issues occur. Using the application, you can acquire detailed information relevant to CPU and Memory usage, TCP/IP Input/Output, Virtual Memory, File data rates, Swap File, Active Windows, and more. The alert meter keeps a check on the overall performance by keeping in view, the user-defined alert level triggering alerts from the system tray whenever required. This is usually caused by Low Virtual Memory, Low GDI/User resource, large number of active windows etc.

After installation completes, an attractive sidebar becomes visible on your desktop partitioned into segments. These segments illustrate the performance of each variable for monitoring and management. At a first glance, only the essential variable values are displayed at the top corner of each segment, but a floating window appears when you hover the mouse over it. The floating window follows a similar format organizing information by highlighting the safety threshold, input and output rates.

Abpmon Main

The activity tracking is color coded in accordance with safety. The closer the system value gets to the threshold, the color shifts from green to red with yellow indicating intermediate resource optimization. To configure the application settings according to your priorities, just right click anywhere on the active window to clear or modify the Graphs history. Moreover, the configurations of Tray Icon, Colors Scheme, Alerts, Accessibility and Graphs sensors can be accessed from this menu. AbpMon provides detailed help both offline and online, which makes it equally accessible for less technical users.

Abpmon Menu

If you sense low performance, right click the system tray icon to Free RAM (fast or slow), Flush file Cache or just change the state by Shutting Down, Rebooting or Locking the computer. At any point, Hide AbpMon disappears the activity tracking panels from view.

Abpmon Tools

The Configuration Dialog window provides a wide range of settings for user customizations. You can easily control the application startup, transparency, appearance and refresh values using the General Settings tab.

General Settings

The Graph Bar Settings allows you to add or remove sensors as well as place, size and enable data title features.

Configuration Dialog Abpmon

Thresholds can be specified for a wide range of variables using sliders and checkboxes in the Alerts Settings tab. You can choose the alert window appearance, position and triggering values related to resource utilization.

Alerts settings

All in all, AbpMon is a powerful utility that empowers you to keep track of key performance variables, freeing memory and enhancing the system throughput for good. It is surely a valuable addition to the desktop and blends well with the desktop interface. We tested this utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download AbpMon

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