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Monitor Who Logged In/Out From Your Windows Computer System

If you don’t have your Windows account password protected then there is a chance that everyone will use the computer without your permission. If you want to keep a tab on when somebody logged in and logged out of the computer, then MLL will come handy. Otherwise you can always create an activity monitoring software yourself to monitor all activities happening on the computer while you were away.

Marxio Login Logger(MLL) is a free logging tool for Windows that is not visible to ordinary users but keeps log of when someone logged in and logged out of your system. It is a simple log file that shows all details including the date, time, user, computer, ip address, and operating system.


The screenshot above is taken from developer’s website.

It is a small handy tool that focuses on some niche administrators who would like to keep tab on who is logging in and logging out from the system. It is fully customizable – you can change the log path, name and what it will contain.

Download Marxio Login Logger

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003-2008. Enjoy!


    • There are two possible answers to this question, first not everyone is familiar with Windows event log, secondly this little utility lets you customize the information you would like to see in the log and if properly configured it will also tell you which user logged in on which computer over the network.

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