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Monitor Windows Calendar Appointments From Your Desktop

One of the best bundled application in Windows Vista was the Windows Calendar. With its wonderful syncing abilities, flexibility and ease of use, it was a top choice amongst users, and the decision to take it off in Windows 7 was certainly not well received. Time Keeper is a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and 7 that relies on Windows Calendar, and brings a neat feature to your desktop.

Basically, Time Keeper gadget displays the current time and date, and shows the latest 4 upcoming appointments from Windows Calendar right on the desktop.

Time Keeper

You can hover the mouse over any visible appointment to highlight it and see the details (if any) in a pop-up balloon. The gadget also allows one-click access to opening the Calendar application by clicking the dot icon next to date.

Within the gadget’s settings you can control the time format, choose to have a sound played 15 minutes before before the next appointment and change backgrounds. There are 35 different backgrounds available to be chosen from.

Time Keeper gadget is basically for Windows Vista, since it requires Windows Calendar to become useful. However, if you’re running Windows Calendar on Windows 7, the gadget will serve you just as well.

Download Time Keeper

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