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Monitor Your Server And It’s Services From Desktop With Check Host

In this day and age, nothing is stable. If you are a webmaster, you would definitely sign up for web monitoring services that would let you know instantly when a server crashes. But the downside is that most people cannot afford to pay hefty monthly prices to afford these web monitoring services.

Luckily if you are using a good broadband connection and have a computer that is always-on, then there is a better solution. Check Host is a new server(and services) monitoring tool that will ping your server after every defined time. If it does not return any response, you can choose to select the following actions – desktop notification, email alert, or open an application(scripts can also be run).

check host

You can either add an Hostname or an IP Address, apart from pinging it also lets you create a direct Socket Connection via either TCP or UDP.

new host check

Once you minimize the application, it will still silently in the system tray monitoring your server or it’s services. You can add multiple Hostname and IP addresses and it will monitor them all. It doesn’t end here, you can also Pause/Resume the operation, Backup the Database, and set up SMTP from Options.

options smtp

It is definitely a useful service since you can always run a script(through a program) to restart a server when it goes down, get notified and stay up-to-date with your server performance, and much more.

Download Check Host

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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