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Mount Windows Folder As Virtual Drive With Folder Drives

If you access a folder frequently and it resides deep inside various directories, wouldn’t it be better if you could mount it as a virtual drive? In this way it can be accessed more easily since it will be positioned next to other drives inside My Computer. It would also become easier to access from explorer tree view.

Folder Drives is a small utility for Windows that lets you mount/unmount frequently used folders as virtual drives. Just run the tool, browse the folder that you want to mount, assign it a drive, and click Create Drive.

folder drives main screenshot

To remove the drive, select it and click Remove Drive. Here is the screenshot of how these folders mounted as virtual drive looks like.

folders as mounted drives

If you are not able to remove the virtual drives, running this simple command will solve the problem.

subst K: /d

Where ‘K’ is the drive letter of the virtual drive. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Folder Drives


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