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MouseExtender – Launch Programs And System Functions Using Mouse

There are so many program launchers out there that we have compiled a few here. MouseExtender is however a new portable tool that is unique in every extent. It allows users to quickly access their favorite programs, folders, or system functions(such as, Control panel, Restart/Shutdown) with a simple middle mouse button click.

Just launch MouseExtender and is will sit in the system tray. Double-click it’s system tray icon to view the main panel. Now you will find three system functions, control panel, restart, and shutdown. Double-click any button to execute it.

System functions

You can add a file, folder, or any running program to the panel by right-clicking anywhere in the panel and selecting the desired option. There is also an option to disable all shortcuts temporarily.


By the default the layout will hold 5 icons in one row, this can however be changed by going to Settings. You can also switch to Compact mode, choose to autostart during system startup, hide panel, hide close button, and make it hide on middle click button when opened. If you want to exclude some programs, there is also an option for that.

MouseExtender Settings

It allows users to access any program, system functions, folders, and files in a second. The developer has given it a nice overall touch, the whole interface is eye-candy and has Windows 7 like effects.

Download MouseExtender

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It is based on WPF and requires a minimum .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to run. Enjoy!


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