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Move Any Application To System Tray With MoveToTray


MoveToTray is a minimalist application that allows moving any opened program  to the system tray. This provides the convenience of minimizing those programs to the system tray that may not have this option by default.

Simply launch MoveToTray and hit the Cltr+Alt+M hotkey to minimize any currently opened program window to the system tray. You can reopen the application by double clicking on the tray icon. It is somewhat similar to the Ubuntu application AllTray, which performs similar functions on Linux based operating systems.

Tools like MoveToTray can be quite handy to avoid a convoluted jumplist and cluttered taskbar. It currently only supports minimizing application windows to system tray. If you want an application that provides more feature rich window managing app, then check out eXtraButtons.

MoveToTray works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.



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