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Move Downloaded Movies & TV Shows Based On User-Defined Rules

If you want to clean up your download folder, Digital Janitor will help. DropIt is another awesome tool, but they will only move the files based on file types. What if you have legally downloaded hundreds of Movies and TV Shows in .mp4 format and want to move them to separate folders? In this situation moving the media files using the file type will not work.

Fluxee is an opensource app developed for those users who frequently download Movies and TV Shows in one folder. Instead of having to manually move the media from download folder to other folder, Fluxee will automate this process. Not only will it automate the process, but will also correct the name, and do much more as defined by the user.

Suppose lets say you want to move all videos of a popular TV program ‘Heroes’ to a folder named after this show. You will first enter the source folder where it is residing, the destination folder where you want it to be moved, and the folder where all unknown media will be moved. Next, you need to set the scan frequency and the media format.


Clicking Start will move all media files with format .mp4 to the destination folder, but we only want to move the program ‘Heroes’. To do this we need to create a rule, hit Rules button to bring up a list of all user-defined rules.

Hit Add New to add a new rule, this will open up a Add Rule dialog window where you can give it a name, enter the scan phrases, exception phrases, and choose the sub-folder where it will be saved inside the destination folder. Lastly, you need to select the pattern(usage and example is mentioned inside), if you find it complicated then you can select one from the list of pre-defined patterns.

Scanning Rules

Since the app does not come with documentation of any kind, let me elaborate how the rules work and what you need to enter in each text box. Suppose you have two videos of the program ‘Heroes’, one is named Heroes and second is named Hero. How will the app know about the second video named Hero? This is where the Scan Phrases section comes useful(see screenshot above), by entering both phrases it will detect both videos, rename the wrong video to ‘Heroes’ and move it to the destination folder.

If your destination folder is named Videos and has a sub-folder called TV Shows, then the correct Destination Sub-Folder will be /Videos/TV Shows/. If you selected .mp4 format in the main window, then the app will only look for the program ‘Heroes’ in .mp4 format, the same program in other formats will be excluded.

Download Fluxee

It is a portable tool that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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