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Move Files From Multiple Folders To A Single Parent Directory In Windows

If you have multiple sub-folders full of files and you want to move them all into a single parent folder, what will you do? Moving them one by one, and deleting the empty sub-folders will definitely eat up your precious time, specially if you have lots and lots of sub-folders.

Suction is a free portable tool for Windows that consolidates files and folders into one. There are two methods to use this program. Either you can load up the tool and drag & drop the folders inside after specifying the parent folder where the files will be saved, or you can enable the context menu and right-click on the parent folder in which all other sub-folders are present to consolidate them into one.

suction consolidates folders screenshot

suction move files context menu

Note: Make sure you do not press Suction on the wrong folder by mistake, once the folders have been consolidated, there is no going back.

If it finds two files with similar names, it will add different suffix next to them instead of deleting them. This option can be changed by going to About section, see first screenshot. It is a handy little utility that works on all versions of Windows.

Download Suction


Via lifehacker

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