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Movie Central: Elegant Explorer For Your Collection Of Movies & TV Shows, Fetches Metadata From TMDB

We’ve covered several movie catalog applications that let you explore and organize your movie collection, all at one place, Coollector Movie Database, Free TvDB or DVD Chief,  just to name a few. These programs help you view and manage your movies and TV shows, and automatically fetch detailed information from online sources, like IMDb and TV.com. Most offline movie databases applications collect information like Title, Actors, Crew, Story, Music, Rating and Cover Art etc. from popular online sources such as IMDB, yahoo movies, TMDB and so on, while others only collect the video files from local and remote locations and show them under movies gallery. One such application that we have recently come across is Movie Central. It is an open source desktop utility that is designed to organize, view and manage your movies and TV shows at one place. It collects movie metadata information from TMDB.org and stores it on your computer for offline viewing. Supporting full-screen mode, it offers a beautiful-looking UI design with easy navigation to help you find the required movie or TV show from folders in your video collection.

The application starts in full screen mode and houses awesome looking graphic arts of your movie collection with information such as plot summary, cast, director, user-rating, genre and release date etc. All the movies in your collection are stacked at the bottom of the application window, with high-resolution cover arts. Clicking any cover art reveals full information regarding the selected movie.

Movie Central

Adding your movie collection into this app is quite easy. You just need to click Launch Scrapper button at the bottom right of the window to select the folder that houses your movie collection. You can add movies from different locations on your computer, and to do this just press Browse Folder, select source directory and click OK. Once done, click Start to let the application scan and download metadata information from TMDB.

Keep in mind that any movie you want to scrap needs to be placed into its own specific folder with correct name and spellings, or else the scraper would fail to recognize it. When you’ve added all the movie collection folders, click Close followed by Refresh at the main window to complete the process.


Apart from viewing information regarding your own movie collection, you can also go online from within the app to browse more movies from its sources. First you need to click Online at the top of the window to switch to online mode, and then enter movie name in search bar located next to online button.


Movie Central is quite a useful application to keep movie metadata information at central place for easy access. However, it would have been better if the users were able to directly play any movie from within the app. We hope this feature will be added in next iteration. The utility works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Movie Central


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