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Mozilla Thunderbird 5 Released, We Review The New Features

Mozilla decided to bump up the version of Mozilla Thunderbird to 5.0 from 3.1. Such a upgrade was meant to bring Thunderbird in line with the development status of Firefox, which has now reached version 5. Mozilla Thunderbird 5 promises to be a faster, more efficient and feature rich email client than its predecessor. It’s newly added features are not as many as one would expect from a major Mozilla release, however, Thunderbird users can greatly benefit from these enhancements. The new features for Mozilla Thunderbird 5 include, an enhanced add-on manager, drag and drop utility for separating windows, an advanced and more informative troubleshooting page, a revised account creation wizard, attachment display with size information and several bug fixes. In this post we will take a look at the various enhancements of Mozilla Thunderbird 5 and the benefits of these new features.


Other than the minor graphical changes on the main interface, one of the most visible features which you are likely to notice in Thunderbird 5 is the enhanced Add-on Manager. You can now get exclusive information about upcoming extensions, get extension suggestions (Featured add-ons setion) and check out Thunderbird themes and personas for customization purposes.

Add-ons manager

Another good feature which Thunderbird 5 offers, is the option to drag and drop tabs to separate windows. Now you can easily drag a tab to another open window and separate it from the combined tabs to view it as a single window.


The built-in troubleshooting page has been improved to support and diagnosis Thunderbird problems. You can get information about added mail and news accounts, extensions, modified preferences and send an email to Mozilla administration for support or queries.

Troubleshooting Information

Other enhancements include a revised account creation wizard, attachments displayed with size information and attached images, and plugins loaded in RSS Feeds by default.


That’s all. You won’t find a lot of major improvements in this release but long time Thunderbird readers will appreciate the bug fixes and small improvements that it brings.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 5


  1. Add one more negative: it is extremely difficult to keep tabs on the inbox. It often gets lost, without a clue as to how to retrieve it/

  2. Thunderbird 5.0 stinks. The interface is bad graphic design from start to finish – translucent backgrounds may be fashionable, but their success is dependent on the color and brightness of whatever application lies underneath.
    Also, putting attachments on the bottom line, rather than in the middle bar where the rest of the message data is (e.g.: sender, subject, etc.) means there is yet another place on the screen you have to look in order to accomplish the simple task of getting your e-mail message. I have yet to be able to actually open a pdf through this – I have to “save” it first and then open it – although I haven’t tried to troubleshoot yet.
    I know there are add-ons I can download, and I know I can troubleshoot problems, but it seems T-Bird has made the same mistake most techno-savvy organizations make. T-bird shouldn’t have tried to fix that which wasn’t broken.

  3. Unfortunately, Thunderbird 5.0 blows. It’s glitchy, ugly, there are more problems than fixes, and there’s the nightmare of making all your extensions work with it. Just as 3.0 was awful and almost immediately updated to 3.1, something tells me 5.0 will have to be fixed soon as well. It’s terrible.

  4. I’m still looking for a reason to ditch my Outlook for Thunderbird. Apart from the tabs. That’s awesome!

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