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Mp3Splitter – Split And ReEncode Mp3 Files

Mp3Splitter is a free tool that can split and re-encode multiple mp3 files in user-defined time intervals. According to the developer it was originally developed for splitting large audio books, but you can use it for trimming podcasts, splitting multiple songs, and more.

It requires MP3Splt and Lame Encoder, both of which are included in the program. It is quite easy-to-use, all you have to do is select the Output Directory and the Mp3 Audio that you want to split, and hit Start Splitting button.

Mp3 Splitter

You can define the time interval for each audio file from Settings tab. You can also enable re-encoding into different Bitrate and Sampling(kHz). Apart from it there are also options to rename and tag the audio files.

mp3 splitter encoding settings

It is a simple Mp3 splitter that has been developed to suit the needs of majority of people who wants to split and re-encode the mp3.

Download Mp3Splitter

It is a portable tool and works on all versions of Windows. For more, learn to compress mp3 audio files and rip audio CDs to mp3 music. Enjoy!

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