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MSE Update Utility v1.1 Adds Flexibility, Is More Stable

Since launching MSE Update Utility yesterday, it has been downloaded more than 500 times. The slower performance, lack of option to select installation directory and few other problems were keeping the users away. Today, all is fixed in the latest version v1.1.

So what has changed exactly, below we have covered the complete list of changes:

  • You can now select the directory where you want to install the app
  • You don’t need to disable the UAC anymore in order to make it work during startup
  • The whole setup has been changed and is faster than before
  • The app is finally stable(fixed some bugs).

The only thing users should know is that if you want MSE Update Utility to run during startup, then you will have to run it in Administrator mode. This is because the app makes a small change in the registry and for that administrator privileges is required. This is quite common and not a setback.

MSE Update Utility 1.1

You can grab the latest version from MSE Update Utility page. We can now call it a complete app. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and co-workers. 😉 Enjoy!


  1. Personally I have become *fed up* with software that's supposed to auto-update but doesn't. Windows Defender and its successor, Microsoft Security Essentials, are history to me now. Junk.

    This week I went back to running the latest free version of Ad-Aware, keeping (as I have continuously, for years) the wonderful avast! – also in its freeware edition.

    Around a year or so ago Ad-Aware had gone far astray with a buggy 'Anniversary' edition; now the current version seems fixed. It's not a drain on the system even with the 'Ad-Watch Live!' feature activated; its antivirus module is off, actually not available at all in the free version.

    Alwil's avast! antivirus/antimalware program has been sturdy and reliable from the first day I got it. It updates itself without any trouble at all, several times a day. And you can see an update happening with a spinning of the tray icon plus a popup announcement upon completion: NO GUESSING ABOUT IT.

    Certainty. What a concept.

    • actually If thats your problem (not automaticly updating) then ad-aware? I had to update myself like 100x before they upgraded it and now I can’t even use it.

      Also I don’t wana sound mean or nothing but thats one of the dumbest things I heard…. Leaving an AV cause of not auto updatnig.

      NOTE: I seen tests of Free AV apps which MSE got highest on YES highest…tho a few “PAID” AVs got a higher score then MSE but hey soz its free and good.

  2. I did get the same problem with emarell. The date of virus definition in MSE never update after the MSE Update Utility update it.

  3. Sorry – I am finding the utility does nothing except sit there in the system tray. It is set to load with Windows and to check for updates when it starts. It does not check; I know by watching my download/upload meter.

    And the latest updates do not appear inside of the MSE interface until I put them in manually (https://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Defin…).

    This occurred two days in a row.

    Great idea though – wish it actually worked.

  4. How would be the idea to set an proxy for this? I'm working behind a firewall with two proxy servers (one normal and a second one for administrators to download some stuff) and i have to switch the whole internet explorer proxy settings for this. Could you bring in a small fix 🙂

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