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mSpot: Upload And Stream Music Across Multiple PCs / Mobile Devices

mSpot is a web application which offers the best solution for all those music buffs who are extremely possessive & particular about their music library. Even though web space is overwhelmed with almost every musical piece including all sort of genres, artists and what not, there is still a need of personalized music collection online. It is specifically targeted towards those music junkies who have always faced problems in searching the desired music from web. As name implies, it is one hotspot for saving music online so that it can streamed anytime, anywhere.

The idea is rather intriguing & simple and so is the usage. What it demands is to have an installer downloaded first. For first time usage, you’ll need to register an account (free registration) to reach a wizard for specifying folder where your favorite music is residing and to configure some basic settings like inclusion of all music libraries, iTunes music archive, etc.


Once you’ve specified music archive path, you’ll be taken to your mSpot page.


mSpot web application interface is quite simple & self-explanatory. With an embedded music player carrying all the playback buttons & volume control, you can easily play the track, shuffle the sequence, force a loop, etc. The library includes all the synced tracks, you can always unload and delete the track from the library.

mpost library

As far as the interactivity is concerned, it is quite expressive in terms of updating you about the syncing process. From system tray icon, you can also change the application preferences & configure other basic settings such as; changing, adding & removing music archive path, auto-monitor music, resetting music library and lot more.




If you’re a music enthusiast and saved a lot precious musical pieces of non-contemporary genres, then giving this application a shot will be a breezing experience.

mSpot installer runs on all Windows based OS including the latest Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download mSpot

Note: The free registration comes with 2Gb of upload limit, however, you can purchase other plans starting from 2.99$ only


  1. Also your title is wrong. You cannot sync across multiple PC’s. Only sync from ONE pc and acess from all pcs’mobiles.

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