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MultiMi Brings Facebook, Twitter & Email To Desktop With AVG Safe Browsing

Email, Facebook and Twitter have become such an important part of our lives that it sometimes seems like a shame to bundle them together with all our other tabs in a browser window. MultiMi is a desktop application cum browser that lets you view your email from any email service provider, connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and stream all updates from them in one place. The desktop application lets you connect all accounts and view messages, images, attachments from either one of them. The application also lets you open and edit documents from your hard drive, view and download photos from Picasa and Facebook, send out a Tweet and post status updates and reply to Facebook comments. You can also use it to browse websites but the browsing is snail slow if you compare it with Chrome and Firefox so it isn’t likely to break the bond you have with your browser any time soon.


To start using the application, add an account on the start up screen, it can be either an email account or just your Twitter account. The main dashboard is divided into five sections; Messages (all email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn messages) Photos (from Facebook, Picasa and email attachments), Contacts (people you frequently converse with or email), Events (upcoming events as per Google Calendar and Facebook events) and Social (news updates from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Of course the main panel can be a clutter to sort through so it’s best to use the left panel to go through a feed or messages.

MultiMi left panel

To view all messages received; click on Messages from the left panel, the center panel will populate with all messages from all accounts that you’ve added. Messages will open in the right panel. To view messages from a single account, select it from the expanding list below Messages. To view events, feeds photos, select the respective section from the left panel and filter out accounts by selecting an account from the expanding list.

MultiMi send message

To compose a message, click the Share button on the top and select Compose Message. Select the account you want to send it from and add contacts. The app syncs contacts from all accounts that you’ve added.To post a status update to an account select Update Status, to upload images or files to an account click Upload.

The app also supports Gtalk and Facebook chat. You can add more accounts or manage them from the settings spanner icon in the top right corner. To open a web page, click New Tab in the left panel but be warned that browsing is slow. It uses the AVG cloud antivirus to ensure safe browsing. You can also use it to view files on your system. The application is currently available for Windows platform only.

Download MultiMi


  1. Hi Author,

    Thank you for sharing this smart application, i wanted to ask that if we have any other antivirus already installed on the computer does that create any kind of issue? I mean the cloud AVG and the PC residing antivirus?

    Thanx again for sharing, seems like a good social media desktop bundle 🙂

    • Nope, it does not create any issues. However this app is huge, takes 250MB of RAM and can slow down your system if you do not have a PC with nice specs.

    • Thank you for the information but I guess 250MB is nothing these days. Systems running on windows 7 definitely have bigger specs. Any ways I will check the application and let you know if the cloud starts raining……

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