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Easily Create Your Own Jazz, Dubstep & Tech House Tracks With Music Maker Jam For Windows 8

Listening to different genres of music has different effects on people, but the purpose behind it largely remains the same – recreation. Creating your own music, on the other hand, is no walk in the park. Even digital music composition requires a considerable level of skill and creativity, in terms of what instruments you choose and how comfortable you are with the technicalities behind the software. However, if all you want is a track that you can call your own without having to go through rigorous training, you should try Music Maker Jam, a simple Windows 8 app that lets you easily create audio tracks by putting together a variety of pre-recorded sequences played with instruments widely used in Jazz, Dubstep and Tech House music genres.

In order to install the app, head over to Start Screen and open Windows Store. Now, use Win+Q hotkey to open Search Charms, type in “music maker jam” and hit enter. From the main page, select the app to open its in-Store page.

MMJ Search

The main page of the Music Maker Jam app displays screenshots and description of the app. Click the Install button available at the left side to download and install the app to your PC.

MMJ Store Main

The main screen has three musical styles to choose from, named Dubstep, Jazz and Techno House. You can select any of the styles to load its available presets. All the saved projects will also appear on the main page, so you can quickly load them into the app.

MMJ Main

Once you select your favorite music style, it will load all the related controls and instruments. From the top, you can start recording the track, pause it, change the looping settings, and add effects to separate parts. The lower part of the interface has all the instruments that can be used to create a song. There are several presets available for each instrument and it can be played at a different volume level. You can record the tracks to an MP3 file to play them in your favorite media player and share with others.

MMJ Jazz

Click the Effects button at the right side to open a graph with Low – High on the x-axis, and Soft – Heavy on the y-axis. You can click anywhere inside the graph to apply a different effect over the track.

MMJ Effects

Once you are satisfied with your settings, right-click inside the app to save your project to a file. You can also change markers on the loop indicator to appear at 1/4, 1/2, 1/1 beats, or no indicators at all.

MMJ Save

As stated earlier, the saved projects can be accessed from the main screen. When you load a project, all the presets will be loaded directly from the saved position. You can delete the project by right-clicking the project followed by selecting the respective option from the bottom pane.

MMJ Projects

Music Maker Jam works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Window 8 64-bit.

Get Music Maker Jam from Windows Store


  1. are you able to import your own guitar playing or singing or are the instruments provided there the only ones that can be used?

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