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Music Player Is iTunes-Like Lightweight Music Manager

Are you using iTunes just to listen to your favorite tracks and to manage your playlists? We all know that iTunes is not a lightweight application and initiates several hefty services when launched. Secondly, it can become really slow when system gets hogged down by other running applications. Today, we discovered an awesome lightweight music player and manager, called Music Player, which looks somewhat similar to iTunes in terms of both user interface and basic music controls. However, its major focus is not on providing iTunes like UI and functionalities, it emphasizes more on giving best music management and discovery experience. 7digital live music store is also integrated within the application to skim through latest albums and directly download music into your library.

Playlist management features are all minimalistic. Like iTunes, you have playlists in the main navigation bar. By default, it indexes music tracks from Music folder, however, you can add your music collection directories into watch list to automatically synchronize the collection.

If there isn’t any music file in your Music folder, click Settings button in left sidebar to add Watch Folder list for both music and podcasts. Once specified, it will start indexing.

music add folders 1

Your music collection resides in Music category listed in navigation bar. Nevertheless, you can create multiple playlists to separate genre, artists, favorites, etc, from your music collection.


Songs button underneath main window reveals track listing. It categorizes music collection in alphabetical groups, making it easer for users to get to required tracks. The music player gives a highly compact and simple view with only basic playback , track navigation, and volume controls.

music -  player

Click Store, present alongside Settings, to access 7digital online music store. You can find your favorite artists and sift through latest releases. The DRM free copies are also available for certain artists. You can download them directly to your library.

music store

Music Player is arguably a worthwhile music manager. Since it’s in beta testing phase, you may find some interface related glitches. Hopefully, developer will fix all interface issues in next iteration.

During testing, memory footprint remained stagnant around 60 MB on our system. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Both iPhone and iPad versions will be out soon.

Download Music Player


  1. Any ideas how to move961 songs from old mac to new air mac . All my pics are stored snapfish flicker etc books at Waterstones whatj

  2. Lightweight? 60MB RAM? Why on my WinXP (PC) it crosses the 500MB ever since I installed it, and sometimes just freezes?

    I’ll stick with Winyl for now.

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