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My LAN Admin Uses Command Prompt To Control Remote Computers

Remote Desktop is quite useful for remote management of servers and other workstations without having to run to the data center, each time a system admin has to create an Active Directory user or perform a usual task. However, one or more remote desktop connections can be a bit hard to work with due to often slow response from the remote system.

My LAN Admin (a.k.a Tiny LAN) is a portable open source application which allows sending out commands to a remote system from the command prompt to circumvent the use of a slow remote desktop connection. It also supports numerous other remote management tasks such as remote shutdown, restart, wake on LAN, kill process, etc. My LAN Admin not only allows configuring remote settings and connecting (via remote desktop) to a workstation, but also provides the utility to connect a command prompt to a remote system by entering a target IP.

Just launch My LAN Admin and enter an IP address to  initiate a task, such as starting a Remote Desktop session (click any Remote button). The Restart, Shutdown and Wake on LAN buttons provide the utility to remotely execute these tasks using the added host name (IP address). Whereas, clicking on the  Remote buttons  starts a Remote Desktop session. If you require killing  a process from a remote computer, then enter a process name and click Kill. To send commands to the remote computer using the command prompt, click NetView. This will open the command prompt for the remote system, where all entered commands will be sent to the remote host.

My LAN Admin Tool

My LAN Admin works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download My LAN Admin


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