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MyCube Vault – Backup Data From Facebook, Picasa And Google Contacts

Recently there seems to be a lot of emphasis on backing up data from online accounts. Perhaps the Gmail data loss issue has raised a few flags for cloud service users. We saw such a service from Google known as Google Takeout. MyCube Vault is an open source application which provides similar functionality for backing up data from Facebook, Picasa and Google Contacts. This alpha project is emphasizing on providing a single click method of not just importing data directly from the aforementioned, but also allows scheduling periodic data backup.

To download the setup, you will require entering an email address to receive an official invitation. Once you launch MyCube Vault, you will be redirected to a webpage from where you can authorize the accounts for which you wish to extract your data.

MYCUBE - Google Chrome

Once you authorize an account, an option will appear to enable a backup schedule. The backup can be set according to a set date and time or a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. Click Update to set the schedule time frame or click Backup Now to save your data on the hard drive.


The data, by default, is saved in the roaming profile of your user account, which can be found in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\MyCube Vault\data. You can change the default folder path by going to Settings.


The saved data is split into multiple directories and sub-directories. Unfortunately, the data is not situated in properly named sub-directories and it can be a bit of hassle to locate each image.


If you backup data from Facebook, a folder for profile pictures is created which contains profile images of all your contacts. Likewise, a thumbnail image and complete image is saved for every picture from your Facebook account. Picasa albums and Google contacts are saved in separate folders the same way.


When using MyCube Vault you might find the backup folders to be a bit inconveniently arranged, however, since this application is the Alpha stage so such issues are normal. Hopefully, the developer will iron out these issues in coming versions.

MyCube Vault works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download MyCube Vault

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