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Easily Share Images & Screenshots To Imgur Via Drag & Drop With MyImgur

Imgur needs no introduction when it comes to sharing photos and pictures over the web. If you have ever used Reddit, you’d probably be as much familiar with this acclaimed service as you like viewing those cat pictures over at Reddit. MyImgur is a Windows application that lets you upload images or screenshots to Imgur right from your desktop. You don’t need to fire up your favorite browser, open Imgur’s website and then upload the images. MyImgur consolidates all these steps into one. You simply drag and drop your image over the application window and it will swiftly move to Imgur server. The application also lets you sign in to your Imgur account in order to upload images straight to your profile.

When it comes to the design, MyImgur boasts a clean and decent UI. To upload an image, you can either drag and drop it over the app, or use the classic browse method i.e. clicking the Add file button and then selecting the source file. The application lets you upload images in batch, thus saving you the hassle of individually sharing each image. In addition to this, it allows uploading images in all major formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF.

Images are automatically uploaded to the Imgur server when selected. Upon uploading, you can copy the image’s URL to clipboard, open it in your browser (either using direct link or image page link), delete it from the server, add to an album if you have are logged in to your Imgur profile, and so on.


MyImgur also allows capturing screenshots from any area of the screen and uploading them to Imgur in one go. To do that, click the screen capture button and then drag the area you want to capture, as demonstrated in the screenshot below. Doing so automatically sends the image to Imgur in a similar way as uploading other images. The application also has an interesting Aero Live Thumbs feature, clicking which gives you a birds eye view of all the open windows on your desktop. This in turn allows you to click the required window to capture its screenshot.


The Settings window allows customizing a wide-array of options related to the app. For instance, you can specify the upload quality of the images in three different parameters including image dimension, format and file size. Furthermore, you can login to your Imgur account from here as well.

MyImgur also supports hotkeys for selecting files, capturing screenshots, pasting clipboard URL etc. All these supported hotkeys can be toggled and customized from the Settings console. In addition to all this, you can enable or disable various additional options if you like, such as ‘copy link to clipboard’, ‘auto run when computer starts’, ‘minimize to tray’ and more.


Overall, MyImgur is a feature-laden application that provides a convenient way to quickly and easily upload photos to Imgur from your Windows PC. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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