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MyIP Basic Provides A GUI For Running Basic Commands In Networking

MyIP Basic is a GUI for numerous commands that allow you to view, release and renew your IP address, perform reverse IP lookup and provide information about network computers. With MYIP Basic, you can release an APIPA, perform Nslookup and view IP Config (/all) information within a simple GUI interface. Details after the jump.

The main interface of MYIP Basic displays options to view your current external IP (My IP), perform a lookup for a hostname, and view connected computers on the network.

You can change your IP, view information about network IPs, Ping an IP, release an Automatic Private IP Address (APIPA), and renew the IP from the DHCP server from Tools menu.


When you perform Nslookup or view information about Network IPs, you can print or save them in HTM format. The information regarding Network IP addresses includes the hostname for each connected device, node type, routing, WINS/DHCP server and auto configuration status, media state, MAC address, IP, subnet mask, default gateway and other information.

MyIP Basic can, hence, be a useful tool for both beginners who might be learning system or network administration, or admins who may prefer performing numerous network related tasks (such as performing a reverse IP lookup) from within a GUI interface. One advantage that MyIP Basic provides, as compared to running commands via command prompt, is that it displays the flag of the country where the IP is originating from. This information normally requires manually searching the IP range from the internet. MyIP Basic works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download MyIP Basic

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