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NetTraffic – Network Traffic Analyzer

NetTraffic is a free network analyzer that checks network regularly to let you keep tab on bandwidth usage, downloaded/uploaded data count and displays other network specific history. Similar to previously reviewed Networx, BitMeter, and WinPcap, it has an efficient statistics finding mechanism which lets you view the history of network usage over a specified period of time. Whilst showing stats on graph, charts and tables, it also provides other statistics tools to find out the total time spent on the PC.

The application sits in system tray, you can launch it anytime and view the desired information. A single click will bring up a small window to show the recent upload/download history.


To analyze the network usage on different scales and in depth, right-click the system tray’s icon and select Statistics from the menu to bring up the respective window. Under General tab, you have three statistics modules; Current State, Average, and Prognosis. Under each module, you can view the corresponding data sent/received information along with elapsed time.


Charts/Tables tab is where you can view Network Traffic chart on two scales; Time and Traffic. From left side, specify the date range, Time unit, and Chart scale. Click Search to display the chart.


All the statistical data can be exported in XML format to analyze the information with other tools. It also import the data in the same format to show you the statistics of network usage. It runs on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download NetTraffic

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  • longvoid

    Doesn’t work on Windows 7 x64 😉

    • Thanks for letting us know. A lot of people are now using x64 system. Unfortunately, our testing system is x86, thus we are not able to tell if it will work on x64 system too unless the developer mentions it specifically.