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New Features In Firefox 32 For Desktop & Android

Firefox 32 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is out and with it comes a new version for Android as well. Both versions come with new features for end users and developers. One major change for end users using the desktop version is a new context menu that does away with the text based options and adds buttons for going back, forward, refreshing, and bookmarking a page. There have been the usual bug fixes and new CSS properties have been implemented. Android users once again get some UI changes. The new launch page has received a facelift and quick controls for clearing your browsing history have been added along with a nice auto-complete feature for the URL bar.


Firefox 32 Desktop

New Context Menu

The new context menu, enabled by default, is smaller in length. The back, forward, bookmark, and refresh options have been done away with in favor of icons. Other than having a nice look to it, there doesn’t seem to be any value addition that can be associated with this change which is cosmetic. The buttons will prevent a user from accidentally selecting the refresh or back or forward option from the context menu but I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake only I make and not a universal problem. The look is nice though. Mozilla hasn’t done a choppy job on the icons.

ff32 context menu


Improvement To Password And Add-on Manager

Improvements to both the password and add-on manager have been made. We haven’t identified any UI changes made to the add-on manager but the password manager has new fields which show when a password was last used and when it was last updated.

ff32 password manager


Find Toolbar Shows Number Of Results

This is definitely one of the smaller changes but end users will welcome it. When you search for a term or a phrase on a web page using the Find toolbar, it will now show you how many items its found and which of the items you’re viewing.

ff32 find bar


Firefox 32 Android

Change Language From Firefox

Firefox supports a lot of languages and now you can select one of those supported languages without leaving the browser. Tap the more button and under Settings>Language select which language you want to use the browser in.

ff32 language

URL Autocomplete

When you go to type something in the URL bar, you will be given suggestions and asked if you want to enablesearch suggestions based on what you’ve typed.

ff32 autocomplete


Home Panel Makeover

The Firefox home page, specifically the Top Site panel has a nice new look to it. It’s almost Metro in the look of things and will fit in well with the new Material Design.

ff32 home


Clear History From History Panel

If you ever wanted a faster way to clear your browsing history on your Android device, Firefox just gave it to you. Visit the History panel and you’ll see a Clear browsing history option.

ff32 clear history


For developers, the changes are all under the hood. Many new CSS properties have been implemented and the Gamepad API has been finalized and enabled by default. A new web audio editor has been introduced among other things. Read the complete change log for Firefox for Desktop and Firefox for Android to learn more.

Install Firefox 32 For Windows, Mac, and Linux

Install Firefox For Android

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