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New Features In Firefox 34 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 34 is now available. If the update hasn’t already downloaded, go ahead and check for it now. Firefox 34 is leaning more on the end-user side in terms of new features. The Android version isn’t big on either developer or end-user features with Chromecast mirroring being the only significant one. The most interesting feature in Fiefox 34 is easily Firefox Hello, a new way to exchange private messages, both audio and video though the feature is still in its Beta phase. Other significant features are the new theme switcher and a way to fix the ‘Fire. fox is already running’ problem that users encounter at times.



Firefox Hello

The feature can be activated from the Customize page. Click the hamburger icon at the top right  and you’ll see a speech bubble captioned ‘Hello’. Click it to start a conversation. If you don’t see the option, go to about:config and change the value of the loop.throttled string to ‘false’ by double clicking. This should get the option to appear on the Customize page.


Click the icon and share the link with whoever you want to chat with. The user need not be using Firefox. Firefox Hello supports both video and audio chat.


Theme Switching

The Customize page now features a quick theme switcher. As you hover the mouse over a theme, you can see a preview of it live on the current window.

ff 34 theme switcher


Firefox is already running – Fix

This is a new feature that deals with an old problem. Often Firefox continues to run as a process when we’ve quit it and it is a problem to launch it again. While I’ve personally experienced this problem multiple times, it was never crippling enough to prevent me using Firefox but I’ve obviously had it easier than most users, hence the need for this feature.

App Manager Replaced By WebIDE

The only noteworthy feature for developers is that the App Manager has been replaced by a new feature called WebIDE. It can be accessed from the Developer options. You can use it to create, edit, and test web apps within Firefox.

Firefox WebIDE

Firefox Android

Refined UI

Firefox is still growing in terms of its mobile UI and this latest update comes with subtle changes that improve the overall look of the browser on your phone. The most noticeable change is the refreshed color palette.



Chromecast Mirroring

If you have a Chromecast device, tap the more button at the top right, go to Tools and you will see a Mirror Chromecast option.

You can read the release notes for the Android and Desktop versions to learn about the features we haven’t mentioned. There is of course support for more HTML5 elements. Firefox 34 may not have a lot of new features but Firefox Hello as a feature itself is huge in its own right marking the significance of this update. Android users have far less to look forward to though making this a less important update for the mobile platform.

Download Firefox 34 For Desktop

Download Firefox For Android

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