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New Features In Firefox 37 For Desktop And Android

You’ve probably read this a few hundred thousand times but we’re reiterating it; rapid release cycles more often than not make version numbers irrelevant. It’s been happening with Firefox for the past few release cycles with the previous versions having little to offer to end users and developers alike. Firefox 37 is out and we can’t say we’re impressed. There are the usual bug fixes and security fixes that are part of every release. The new version has a brand new way of getting feedback from users; a pop-up widget that will be displayed to select users once a day. Bing users will now enjoy HTTPS while searching, and for users in Turkey, the default search engine has been set to Yandex. For developers, there is a new animations tab in the Inspector panel as well as a new Security tab in the network panel. For the Android version, the new additions include an improvement to how downloads are handled and the URL bar now displays the URL instead of the page title, by default.


Firefox For Desktop


This is Firefox’s new way for getting feedback from users on how well the browser is performing. It seems to be enabled by default and if it gets annoying (as any pop-up can), you can disable it by going to about:config and setting the value of browser.selfsupport.url to “”


Animations Panel In Inspector

There’s a new tool for working with web animations. Developers can access it from the Inspector. It appears next to the Rules, Computed, Fonts, and Box Model tabs when you open the inspector and select an element. With it web developers can now use web technologies instead of plug-ins to create complex animations.


Security Tab In Inspect Panel 

If you select the Network tab in the Inspect panel and select a request you will see a new tab in the right-side panel called Security. Developers can view information about certificates and the host from it.


Firefox For Android

There are few UI changes for Firefox for Android. Your downloads will be handled better, a few new languages have been added, and like the desktop version, the Android version has also set Yandex as the default search engine for users in Turkey. There is one UI change that’s been to the URL bar; it will now show the URL instead of the page title as it previously did (before and after shown below).

hub API FF37_URLbar

You can read the release notes for the desktop and mobile versions on Mozilla’s website.

Download Firefox 37 For Desktop

Download Firefox For Android From The Google Play Store

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