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New Features In Firefox 38 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 38 is out and the release brings a few noteworthy features for both desktop and mobile. Desktop users get a new Preferences UI. The window is now displayed in a tabbed format. It seems to be far more functional that what Firefox previously offered and allows you to quickly jump to a particular tab. Support for the autocomplete=off attribute has been removed, a copy option has been added to the Console, and then there are the usual security fixes. For Android users there is a lot to look forward to. Firefox 38 now has Material design, allows you to send a tab to any one of your synced devices, and lets you send a URL open in other apps to your Firefox bookmarks or reading list. Here’s a quick look at these features.


 Firefox 38 – Desktop

New Preferences UI 

The new Preferences UI is now tabbed based. It looks good and you can jump directly to a tab by writing about:preferences#general or about:preferences#search in the address bar.


If you miss the old Preferences window, go to about:config and set the value of the browser.preferences.inContent preference to False.

Copy Command In Console

Open the Console and you will now be able to copy a string or the outerHTML of a DOM node to your clipboard by right-clicking it and selecting the new ‘Copy’ option added in this version.


Autocomplete=Off Support Removed

I’m not sure if this change is a good one or a bad one. What the autocomplete=off attribute did was prevent browsers or other password managing add-ons from saving username and password information even when the user wanted it saved. This was used as a security precaution. With Firefox no longer supporting it, the built-in password manager or a third-party one will be able to save form data filled in any fields that have this attribute added to them. This has also been implemented in Firefox Android.

Firefox 38 Android

Send Tab To Device

Let’s say you’re reading something on your phone and want to continue reading it when you switch to your desktop. Simply tap the Share button and tap the new ‘Send to other Devices’ button. A menu of all connected devices will appear and you can choose which one you want to send the tab to.

ff38_send ff338_send_to

Bookmark Websites From Other Apps

Let’s say you tapped on a link in the Facebook app, or the Twitter app. You want to bookmark it or read it later. Tap the Share button and you will see a ‘Add to Firefox’ option. Tap it and add the link to your Firefox reading list or bookmark it in Firefox.

ff38-share_via ff38_reading list

To learn more about the other changes made to Firefox Android and Firefox Desktop, read the release notes.

Download Firefox 38 For Desktop

Download Firefox For Android

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