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New Features In Firefox 44 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 44 is out for both desktop and Android with few noteworthy features for end users. Developers are likely to appreciate the slew of new animations tools added in the web console on the desktop version. For Android users, there’s the ability to set a custom home page and hide the speed dial i.e. Top Sites panel. Firefox for iOS did not receive a simultaneous update however, it has been updated twice this month, once with bug and security fixes, and once with two major feature additions to the app. You can now request the desktop version of a website and use third-party password managers on iOS. Here’s a detailed look at the major new additions in Firefox 44.


Firefox For Desktop

The desktop doesn’t have anything huge for end users to look forward to except perhaps the integration of the WEBM/VP9 Video support on systems that don’t support the H.264 codec. For developers, there are the new animation tools. You can now view and edit a CSS animation’s keyframe rules from the inspector, and you can discover and cycle through every CSS animation on a page, among other things.


Firefox For Android

Android Print Service

Firefox for Android can now connect with the Android print service allowing you to send a print job from inside the browser to a connected printer. You can access the print option from the Page menu item.

ff-44-android-3  ff-44-android-2

Custom Home Page

You can set a custom URL to open as the default home page when you open a new tab. Additionally, you can also hide the Top Sites panel.

ff-44-android  ff-44-android-1

Firefox For iOS

There are two major additions in Firefox for iOS; the inclusion of an option to request the desktop site instead of the mobile site that a website may present, and support for third-party password managers.

ff-ios-desktop-site ff-ios-password-manager

You can read the complete changelog for Firefox for desktop and Android from the official Mozilla site.

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