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New Language Words Memorizer

If you’re intending to learn a new language and want to memorize or strengthen your vocabulary, then Multi-Language Words Memorizer will come useful. As the name implies, the primary focus is to help user in memorizing words of different languages. Whilst supporting customization of words list, it also lets you add a search filter to quickly search for the word that you’re looking for.

New languages can be manually added to the database via Manage Words Sections And Languages tab, one can add new words and corresponding translated-words to the database using the bottom right panel. You can select categories of words like easy verb, hard noun, hard verbs, simple noun or any user-defined section from the Select Word Section.

Language Memorizer Main Window

The words along with translation pops-up in the system tray area. From Options one can specify the duration for which the pop-up should be displayed. You can specify any time up to 500 seconds.

Language Memorizer Pop Up

For another similar but more advanced language learning tool, we will recommend checking out EasyWords.

Multi-Language Words Memorizer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and requires .NET Framework 2.0. Testing was done on x86 based Windows 7 PC.

Download Multi-Language Words Memorizer

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