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New Year Giveaway: Skydur VPN Anonymous Web Surfing

I have generally never given much attention to paid VPN software before but the team over at Skydur were grateful enough to create a yearly account for me. Today it is my default VPN software, I guess playing around it for a month and half is justified before giving it a review and recommending it to the readers.

Important: We are giving away 10 50 free yearly licenses, more information can be found at the end of this post. Update: Due to high demand, Skydur has provided 40 more licenses, making a total of 50 licenses to give away.

So what are the benefits of this software? You can surf the web anonymously, access blocked websites, access restricted sites from outside US, UK, and many other benefits. I was able to access Hulu, Pandora, Playlist.com, YouTube Movies, and many other US only restricted sites from outside the region. Also accessing popular music service Spotify and BBC iPlayer from outside UK was a breeze.

There are a total of 4 location, three in US and one in UK. They can be easily changed from the main window. The best part of this tool is the seamless integration with both Firefox and Internet Explorer browser.

Skydur main

The settings window allows you to assign a hotkey, enable browser integration, change service port, change proxy settings, filter sites, and enable Ad blocking which works in conjunction with the AdBlock Plus add-on for Firefox.

Skydur Settings

Start Skydur, turn it on and your browser address bar will turn yellow along with an icon indicating that Skydur is ready, no need to restart the browser.

Skydur firefox

Giveaway: Skydur is not generally popular among the masses but is one service everyone should take notice of. Unlike others VPN services, Skydur is pretty fast and shows the download/upload speed on the main window. Leave a comment and we will pick out 10 50 lucky winners randomly. A yearly license is worth $63, grab it free by participating in this giveaway.

Separate installers are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Download Skydur

Additional Note: Coupons can be entered while registering via the Skydur app only, coupons do not work online. Download a trial version of the app, register an account, enter the coupon, and you are done.

Editor’s Note: Yea we know that a few days have passed, but it is New Year anyway. 😉

Update: The contest is closed, winners will be announced shortly.

Update 2: Winners were selected through a random draw using Random.org , thanks to everyone for participating. You will be seeing more monthly giveaways from us in the future. I have blurred half image to protect the privacy of the users.

Winners will receive the email shortly.


  1. Really wish to be included in the drawing. Simply put looking for a reliable secure VPN – and Skydur VPN looks like a perfect solution for me and my computing need. Safe, Happy New Year to all.

    Peace on earth

  2. I've been reading your website for a while now and I've got to say you never normally give a bad steer.

    This looks like it could be a very nice program and I may have to buy a copy if you dont give me one.

  3. Want to be a winner in this splendid giveaway. 🙂 Hope this New Year is gonna be more happy for me then previous. 🙂

  4. oh wow , please count me in for this giveaway. your site is in my bookmarks now. thanks for it and all the best everyone.

  5. Man, please count me in for this giveaway, cause HotSpot Shield VPN which I found through this blog is too slow and almost useless a tool. 🙁

  6. I think this is really good. Even the latest UltraSurf version doesn't work in my system, and UltraVPN is kinda slow. Please count me in this promo. Thanks!

  7. Wow, this the one software i am waiting for, Although there are other softwares like Ultrasurf,UltraVPN, and one of the best Hotspot shield, this seems to be promising, Please provide me a skudur free software!!!

  8. It seems skydur to be very similar to freedur.i know the story behind but what's really the difference between them?

    they seem to be identical.

    and i suppose they are not actually vpn services but more a private proxy soft..

  9. Just perfect! You would make my “Year”, if I could win today 😉 Thanks, my best regards!

  10. Would like to be considered in this giveaway, thanks for the chance.

    P.S. Given the number of tracking stuff needed to be activated in order to post here, it's “funny” (i.e. condradiction) what the give away is about.

  11. I would like to have one if it is in my fate……
    Bye the way, best of luck to all of the persons participating in this contest….

  12. I can't find good solution on how to normally watch movies on restricted websites. And free VPNs I tried to use did not bring me any satisfaction. I think this VPN can resolve my problems in case I can win an account in this lotto poll.

  13. Would love to wone a coupon, Love the site by the way, great for tips and tricks.


  14. I'm in China, and under heavy Internet block, Google, BBC, Youtube, Twitter cannot be visited or unstable. I want a VPN tunnel for my work, thank you!
    Happy new year!

  15. Hi man! Thanks for this New Year giveaway. Please put me into your lists of potential winners for I need a good VPN badly. 😉

  16. Hi, its just, what I need. Specially for Hulu and other restricted sides, it would be just perfect for me.
    My best regards !

  17. What a wonderfull giveaway. Something, I really really would like to have. It would be really great, if I could win. Thank You so much.
    My best regards, Joana

  18. Wooow it would be pretty awesome to be able to watch hulu abc …
    Thank you on this promo, happy new year guys 🙂

  19. Actually I need anonymity from time to time while surfing the internet, but not so often that I ever considered buying a VPN account. But I wouldn't mind to win a paid account in this generous giveaway. Thanks for giving hope to all of us. 🙂

  20. Hi, its a very good present (for me). I cant access to Hulu without VPN, so I never did. I would be extremly happy to win a license 🙂 Thank You and Happy New Year!

    • The deadline is 24 hours, 6 hours more to go. Winners will be announced after contest has closed and will be picked up randomly.

  21. Thanks for the nice offer.This kind of software would be very useful to me.Since I really didn’t get anything for Christmas. This would really make my day if could win a free license.

  22. Today is my birthday (its really true), maybe my lucky day as well? It would be great! 🙂
    My best regards

  23. I really need skydur cause i had it before last years split and problems and was very good for me.

  24. What a wonderful giveaway. I really would like to watch HULU. With Your giveaway it would be possible 😉
    My best regards!

  25. Thank you for counting me in, i really need some good VPN and it would be great if i win one account out of 50 available.

  26. This is what i really need. Sometimes i have problem to hide my ip. Hope can win this license. THanks !!!

  27. Thanks for such a generous offer! I would really love to win a yearly account for a paid VPN service in this great giveaway. Count me in for the poll, please.

  28. Great giveaway.
    Please count me in.
    I have got the free version and want to upgrade…

  29. It would be really nice to win an account for Skydur VPN cause sometimes one needs some privacy on internet.

  30. I never used any such program, but with internet restrictions definitely on the increase I have started to look around for something like this. Would like to give this software a shot.

  31. Thanks so much for this great Giveaway in this new year.
    because i live in the country with high internet censorship,i need this vpn service for passing these limitations.
    i hope i win a license.
    Happy New Year.
    Best Regards,

  32. I have heard of a similar software (can't remember the name) which adds huge amount of ads on the google homepage as the cost of giving the VPN access for “free”. I guess skydr is much better and worth using.

  33. Hi,
    Thank You for the giveaway, as I live in Australia. I really need this software. I don't get to access UK or US sites.

  34. Firstly Happy new years.
    I would like to have this soft very much, I have a static ip which is shared by many,which is not good for me.

  35. I have heard great things skydur,Always wanted to use their service but couldn't afford,Thanks for this opportunity.

  36. Nice tool. it`s a good and fast alternative to free anonymization services.

    Would love to win a license! Thank you and happy new year!

  37. addictivetips Best! I speak Spanish but I continue forever … quisera pordes win a license since I live outside the U.S., I live in Panama and would help me to download faster and entering restricted pages or services … Thanks

  38. I'd love to have an account of Skydur. It's extremely useful here in China.

    Would love to win a license! Thank you and happy new year!

  39. I would love to give this a try… I have found VPN to be unreliable in the past, hopefully Skydur will be much better.

  40. Never heard of Skydur before, but your review indicates that it`s a good and fast alternative to free anonymization services.

  41. Thanks !! I use spotify with a UK ip, but ivacy doesn´t work anymore. I need one cupon, please.

  42. Thanks for the great review. I didnt know that paid vpn service exist…
    I live in Greece and i think this is a great service for watching Hulu and Vevo!

  43. After reading your article on Skydur VPN, I got interested and checked out their site. Really, very cool features.

    Please make my new year great by giving me a free license. Thanks! 🙂

    This is a very cool vpn service!

  44. Great tool. I used to do something similar by RDP'ing to a home PC and surfing the tubes from there while at work.

  45. i have been looking for software like this for some time now. I really like this software and think this is a great product.

  46. i am iranian and living in tehran . You now very bad filtering in iran because I need acc Skydur VPN .
    please check my ip adress

  47. Yeah. I actualy have purevpn but I'm not realy happy with that, so it would be awsome to win this.

  48. Hey! I've got you guys on my google reader subscription.
    I'm in, I'd love to get this free licence.

  49. I'd love to try more BBC from the US. I'll finally get a peek at the UK exclusive Doctor Who videos.

  50. I am a fairly new follower to Addictive Tips but you are on my daily reading list now. Always useful tips presented without the clutter of other sites. Thanks.