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NexusFile: Dual-Pane File Manager With FTP & Archive Extraction Support

While roaming around on the internet, we stumbled upon a very useful file manager, and since we know how much you appreciate good freeware, we thought it was a must to share with our addicted readers. NexusFile is a file manager that can be easily used as the default Windows Explorer alternative because of its massive scope of functionality. The application features dual pane view, multiple tabs, supports FTP , has Shortcut key support, Folder Tree view, a built-in Advanced Rename feature, can extract archives (ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, ALZ, 7Z etc) without external applications, allows you to set Favorite and Quick Access Folders, change Skins, and is portable! Read on to find out more about Nexus File.

The interface has File, Folder, Edit, View, System, Archive, Network and Tools menus at the top. Extended Copy & Delete functions, browse Network Folders, selecting a particular Extension, Viewing and Skin options, Archive Extraction, FTP Connection settings and Split/Join files, Disk Cleanup and Compare Folders can be accessed from their corresponding menus.NexusFile

The quick access buttons to move Back, Forward, access Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and Favorite folders appear below the menus.


The main interface includes 2 panes on the left and right side, enabling you to view and compare 2 folders at a time. Between the panes, there are controls to set and quickly access Work folders, Selection Options, Copy Items between panes, Arrange lists according to Name, Extension, Size, Time, Attributes and Color, and Set the number of columns for each pane.

Program Manager_2012-01-02_13-02-19

Right-click on a file or folder to view options such as Copy, Cut, Move To, Delete, Change Attribute/Time of files, Add To Archive, Auto Extract, Properties etc.

Program Manager_2012-01-02_12-59-18

Choose a folder, click Folder and select Folder Tree to view its location in a tree structure structure using the Browse Folder window, which allows you to search and view all folders on your disk drive.

Browse Folder

Click Tools and select Options to configure application settings related to File List, Folder Tree, Color, Application Options, Archive Programs, Preset Shortcut Paths for Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and Downloads, set Function Keys for quick actions, and Starting & Window Transparency.

Nexus File Options

NexusFile has massive functionality, and the feature set offered is among the very best we’ve seen in any file manager. Give the program a try, and only then you’ll fully get to appreciate the ease it offers in managing your file system. NexusFile works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download NexusFile


  1. I’ve been using Nexusfile for some time around.

    And I must say it’s one of the best looking free file managers out there.
    Very user friendly, very nice looking UI and has tons of features, not as many as Total Commander, but enough for the basic and medium users, and probably advanced ones too 🙂

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