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Nitroshare: Share Files On A Network With Computers Running Different Operating Systems

Ask most people how do they share files among different computers on the LAN and they will say, using Windows built-in file sharing feature. Well, it all makes sense, as this solution is easy to configure as well as hassle free, but what if your computers are running different operating systems? For instance, if you want to transfer files from a Windows PC to Mac and vice versa, you may need to configure SMB sharing options on Mac to view and access files shared on your Windows PC, but as we all know, Mac OS X often fails to identify Windows PC on the network and one has to restart the system to let it identify all connected nodes. Today, we came across a simple file sharing tool called Nitroshare that lets you easily share files across the network. The application can be easily configured within a few simple clicks, and doesn’t require users to configure OS-specific file sharing settings.

After downloading and installing the program on your systems, run the executable file and follow the onscreen instructions. If you don’t know where to begin, select Help me set up Nitroshare and click Next.

NitroShare Wizard

After entering the machine name on both of your PCs, click Next. Make sure both machines are running this wizard. In the last step, use the notification slider to adjust event alerts and then click Finish to complete Nitroshare’s setup wizard.

NitroShare Wizard_Name

Now that you have successfully configured the setup, the rest of the work is just a piece of cake. There are two methods to send your files and folders. The first one is a lot easier. Nitroshare creates a miniscule file sharing box on your desktop. All you need is to drag the files over this box to receive it from other connected system.


The other method is to use its system tray menu; select the PC to which you want to send the file. The context menu allows you to send either a file or a whole directory.

Nitroshare System Tray

The Accept Files dialog box appears on the recipient’s PC, containing a list of files that are being shared. Clicking Yes begins the transfer process.

Accept Files

You may also configure a few application-specific options from the Settings window. It has General, Appearance, Notifications, Security and Network tabs. For instance, you can toggle a few display notifications from Notifications tab. The Security tab allows you to specify security parameters for acceptance of files, while from Network tabyou can configure Broadcast and TCP settings.

NitroShare Settings

Nitroshare works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit edition.

Download Nitroshare

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