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No Steam Validation Fix – SteamFixer

Steam is a popular desktop client that allow users to buy games, make friends, and connect with others. In short, it is a social gaming platform and marketplace where everyone can communicate. Even though I have never encountered any problems, there are complains that some users are not able to login, while others are having update problems, and so on.

They are limited problems and not everyone encounters them. The good news is that they can be fixed, thanks to SteamFixer. It is a portable one-click-fix utility. Just select the Steam folder, hit the Fix button, and you are done.


If you are getting No Steam error, some validation error, etc you can give this tool a shot.

Download SteamFixer

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Due to the portability of this app, it can be carried in a USB flash drive. Enjoy!

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