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NoCap Uploads Files, Images, And Text From Desktop For Quick Sharing

Earlier, we have reviewed a handful of file uploading applications such as, FluffyApp and Click & ShareIt, the FluffyApp is the counterpart of Mac’s eminent CloudApp whereas Click & ShareIt lets user upload and share files, images, and record voice on the fly. NoCap comes with absolutely no caps and catches, without relying on its native server for storing and sharing data, it supports famous file sharing and uploading services including, Imgur, Imagebin, Postimage, SendSpace, and Slexy to upload images, text, screenshots, and any type of files in a snap. Additionally, it enables one to enter the FTP server details to upload files directly. The application seems quite similar to FluffyApp, as it also allows user to take and share screenshots whilst using build-in URL shortening service – is.gd.

Before starting out, it’s advisable to configure account settings. After the installation, Settings window can be brought up from system tray. Under Defaults, you need to enter account details of the service which you wish to use for uploading Files, Images and Text. However, if you’re planning to upload files to FTP server, enter FTP details in File uploader window.

no cap 1

The Bindings tab refers to registering hotkey for uploading screenshots and clipboard content. Just enter the default link and press the combination to register a new hotkey.


Once everything is set up, start uploading whatever you want to share with others. Use hotkey combination and it will start uploading the file. Notification regarding the uploading process is shown over the system tray. Once the process is completed, it saves the link in Windows clipboard, allowing user to share file/image/text with anyone over the web. Did we mention that it allows user to take screenshots for quick sharing as well?

system t 2

It’s worth mentioning here that NoCaps is in beta phase, you may run on some functionality-specific glitches. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system while it supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download NoCaps


  1. Hey, I’m the developer of NoCap. Thanks for the review!

    I am investigating the crash problems and will hopefully roll out a fix this weekend. Stay tuned! Follow @NoCapNews on Twitter for updates.

  2. Didn’t install correctly for me – win7 x64 “program stopped working”. I had installed the latest .net 4 just in case it was that but nope.

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